Nutrition for Low Mood

Nutrition helps low mood and anxiety Did you know that proper nutrition can help low mood? Chemicals produced in our bodies stimulate the release of hormones that can make us feel a certain way! [...]

Nutrition for Psoriasis

Nutritional therapy to improve symptoms of Psoriasis! You are what you eat. Good nutrition equals good health. Psoriasis can be associated with a diet lacking in fibre or an overburdened liver. [...]

Reiki with Ruth

About Ruth and Reiki   Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment. The word is Japanese and it means Universal Energy or the Energy that surrounds us.  I love Reiki. I first came across it in [...]

Nutrition Programme KickStart !

Kick Start Your New Year with a Fantastic Nutrition Programme in Carrigaline!! Aisling Kelly Nutrition Relax over Christmas in the knowledge that you can recharge your energy and health in 2020!! [...]