Nutritional therapy to improve symptoms of Psoriasis!

You are what you eat. Good nutrition equals good health. Psoriasis can be associated with a diet lacking in fibre or an overburdened liver. This can result in toxic overload in the colon, leading to the scaly patches forming on the skin. Certain nutrients such as Vitamin E, zinc and Vitamin A are essential for healthy skin – could you be deficient in some of these? Nutritional therapy can help to find out!

How does good Nutrition help Psoriasis?

Assessing the diet and gut health, testing for Vitamin D status, identifying and adjusting certain triggers in a client’s lifestyle and supporting liver detox through diet are just some of things that could be necessary when helping a clients reduce psoriasis flare ups. I work with my clients one to one to create personalised plans based on each individual’s needs. Read More on nutrition here

Can an anti-inflammatory diet help Psoriasis?

An anti-inflammatory diet is rich in omega 3 fats which benefit skin health  and reduces dryness and inflammation. Read More

Aisling Kelly’s Kickstart nutrition Plan for 

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Gut Health and much more

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