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Ruth Galvin best yoga teacher in Carrigaline


Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment. The word is Japanese and it means Universal Energy or the Energy that surrounds us.  I love Reiki. I first came across it in Japan about 20 years ago. It’s part of normal life there.  It’s often used at an onsen or hot springs, practiced among therapists and lay people. I began training around that time and it’s been part of my life ever since. Learn more about ‘Reiki with Ruth’ here


What is a Reiki Treatment with Ruth like?

With Reiki the aim is to balance our body by bringing energy to parts that are under pressure or tired and by calming the intense energy where there is stress.

It’s a very gentle hands on therapy. You lie down and rest for the duration, under a warm blanket. It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes for the treatment.

Usually people feel deeply relaxed after a Reiki treatment, often falling asleep during it. Hands are placed gently on the body to let the energy flow.



What can Reiki be used for?

The deeply relaxing effect of reiki  brings many benefits.

Many people find it helpful for;

  • stress relief,
  • pain,
  • grief management,
  • tension,
  • sleep

and a general feeling of being balanced and grounded.

Many people experience clarity of mind,  allowing us to make better choices for ourselves.


Reiki in Hospitals

In Australia I noticed that Reiki  is used in many of their public hospitals. My sister in law is an ICU nurse and worked alongside Reiki practitioners in hospitals, with people who were critically ill.

In the United States Reiki is a commonplace practice in the John Hopkins Clinic, the Mayo Clinic as well as 30 000 hospitals across the country. It has even made it’s way into the Irish healthcare system, featuring in a number of hospitals and hospices around the country.



How do I book a Reiki treatment with Ruth?

The easiest thing to do is to give me a call or a text on

0868948855.  or click here


Your wellbeing awaits!!


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