I would highly recommend this course if you want to feel well and make a life changing impact on your family, home and work life.

Sinead, Kinsale.


Parents Under Pressure!

Our Wellbeing Course for Parents was created in response to our clients asking for help! It’s been great to watch people make big positive changes in what seemed to some, impossible situations.

Parents have never been so busy.

Many parents we see are stressed out, overwhelmed and are juggling too many things. Children have their own busy lives to navigate and their own stresses. With pressure coming from all sides its very easy for things to get out of control in the home.  Children and parents can feel irritable, fighty(!), depressed, annoying and clingy.

It has never been more important for parents to learn to manage themselves and how to diffuse stress in the home and create a balanced safe space for children.

The course runs over 4 weeks. Each week you learn a technique to practice and report back.

We include audio files and other documents to help each week.


Every family has a unique dynamic. But we all have common problems! Based on both our experience working with parents and in Tony’s case with children, you will get answers to any question you may have around child behaviour or dynamics in the house. Tony has a deeply intuitive read of children of all ages and in the Q&A  part of the course we explore the adjustments you can make to improve things in your home. So, have your questions ready!  The benefits of this course will last a lifetime as you learn the tools to feel well in yourself and make lasting changes in your family life.

You will learn...

  • How to set up a baseline of calmness each day at home and build it up
  • How to understand and balance your own family’s dynamics.
  • How to maintain healthy emotional boundaries to keep yourself happy.
  • How to respond to kids and not react to them!
  • Learn how to recognise and balance ‘triggers’ or old habits that set you off emotionally.

Your Kids will...

  • Feel understood and relax the need to act out, argue or fight
  • Feel safe and supported and develop a quiet confidence.
  • Be more receptive to listening to you and understanding your needs.
  • Learn how to balance themselves easily
  • Communicate with you on a real level!

The next Course starts Monday 31st January at Carrigaline Wellness Centre.
It runs once a week for 4 weeks from 8pm to 10pm, on Cost €240.
Reserve your place by emailing contacttonygalvin@gmail.com.
If you would like more information about the course please send me a text and we can arrange a call. 0877876361
We look forward to hearing from you!
All the best,
Tony and Ruth

Ruth and I have been in the ‘wellness world’ for over 20 years. We have had our own ups and downs and our own kids have taught us the hard way! We have our own private therapy practices. Ruth is a Reflexologist and Reiki Master and teaches Yoga to Moms.

I work with kids and adults with anxiety. We have been working with parents for many years and it is from this work as well as having our own kids that we have learned how to apply all of the skills in the course. We absolutely love doing these courses. Humour is the best medicine and we bring that in spades!

You can read more about us here:

Ruth https://carrigalinewellnesscentre.com/ruth-oconnor-yoga-carrigaline/

Tony https://carrigalinewellnesscentre.com/tony-galvin-anxiety-carrigaline/


What parents have said about this course.

“I can’t believe the difference this course has made to my family life. I have a way better relationship with my kids. I learned so much and I’m so grateful for all the learning and the great advice. Tony and Ruth are amazing. I couldn’t recommend the course enough” 
Susan, Carrigaline

“Hi Tony,

Just wanted to say thank you.  I have been having a great week because of the good advice I have been getting!!  Your advice  ‘the only thing you can control is yourself ‘ has finally sunk in with me and I have seen results this week. I am feeling better and all the time.  My family is calmer.  We’re not yet the Brady Bunch but at least we are no longer the Lannisters from the Game of thrones. See you tomorrow night.”


Mallow, Co. Cork
“It took a bit of work to get the hang of some of the practises but once I got into it they made a huge difference. I learned a lot of new ideas and it was really well presented. I would highly recommend the course to any parent that would like to learn how to keep things calm at home.”
Laura, Douglas
“This course thought me how much of an impact I have on my own kids. I really noticed how dramatically their behaviour improved when I relaxed and kept myself happier. Paying attention to my own emotions was the biggest eye opener. The group was fun and I really enjoyed it. I’m very grateful for the insight and I would highly recommend the course.”
Sinead Passage West.
“Hi there Tony
I miss you and Ruth one night a week !!!!
I have to thank you both for some excellent sessions since Jan ! 
One word to sum up my journey since Jan is AWARENESS.
We all go through our days like hamsters in a wheel a lot of the time and dont stop to think and to check in with ourselves ….thanks to you both I do this effortlessly and so regularly its just like scratching an itch ,and brings as much relief !!!
I am aware of me ,I am aware of the people around me and I am aware of the dynamics of the situation I am in at any given point!!!  Yaaa XXXXXXX hooooo!!!
And  this awareness brings clarity ,strength ,empathy and a whole load of other stuff which allows me to navigate the world in the moment and as I wish to do so ,it brings empowerment .
This I have been missing all of my adult life ,I mish mashed my way thru a day ,feeling vulnerable and firefighting as I went ,dodging this bullet and that bullet and crawling into bed at night shattered and anxious about the next day in general ,having to do it all again .
Now I see clearly and feel clearly,  I have Superpowers (!!!!) to cool a hot situation and relieve a stressful one and even make the people around me feel better by just simply tuning into myself. I call these super powers but really they are the tools I have learned from you guys ,everything from breathing techniques  to telling the women in the post office to fuck off in my head when i go to collect 4 months of childrens allowance ,as previously discussed!!!!!!!
I even set boundaries with the person in my life that causes me most upset and held my head high as I ordered her not to cross these or do so at her peril !!!! I finally can say this is me and this is what I expect from you ……and only because it is what you can expect from me…… because I know ,Im sure .
My relationships with my husband and daughter are way better and getting better all the time ….thankfully he can no longer say “I dont know what ur doing on a monday night…you may as awell not bother ur arse ” when I fall down and fail spectacularly .Which I do, but its so much easier to get back on the horse when you can trust him and know which way ur headed when back in the saddle!!!!
So thanks for all you are a great team and keep it real which is what I really connected with ,real life situations lived out by real people !
All the best,”
Joan, Cork