Nutrition helps low mood and anxiety

Did you know that proper nutrition can help low mood?

Chemicals produced in our bodies stimulate the release of hormones that can make us feel a certain way! For example, when we eat, food goes into our stomach and causes the stomach to expand. This releases a chemical called Leptin, which tells the brain that we are now full! Similarly, when we are hungry the hormone Ghrelin prompts us to eat! Our nutrition can influence the production of these chemicals also, improving mood. When we eat good foods that nourish and feed the gut lining, more hormones such as serotonin are produced to help us feel happy and improve our mood. (Read more here)


Nutrition for low mood

Lifestyle practices and low mood

As well as nutrition, our thoughts and feelings can also create the production of chemicals in the brain, that make us feel anxious or have a low mood. There are various tools we can use to help disperse those chemicals and help us to feel more relaxed and happier. I like to suggest deep breathing techniques and meditations to help (see a popular, fun meditation here!)

But how can nutrition improve our mood?

Foods rich in Tryptophan help with the production of serotonin to make us feel happy! Eat things like turkey, sweet potato, eggs, salmon, nuts and seeds. (see RDA’s here)
Prebiotic foods help to nourish the gut bacteria and support the production of serotonin. Include prebiotic foods such as garlic, onions, asparagus, banana and oats daily.
Balancing blood sugars will also help to reduce highs and lows throughout the day.


Tryptophan rich foods

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