Ruth and I have been running Law of Attraction Meditation courses from the Carrigaline Wellness Centre, consistently since March 2019. We first encountered this meditation almost 8 years ago and it has become a very important part of how we live.
The course involves a group of people, sitting in circle together, tuning into a specific way of thinking, which frees you from old habits and restrictive patterns of behaviour. I experienced a huge shift from anxiety when I first encountered this process. It completely cleared from me, an old intense anxiety pattern. I was gobsmacked at the change in me and I’ve been an advocate since.
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How does Law of Attraction Meditation work?

It’s simple and baffling all at once.
The simple application can be explained this way. If you’re in a bad mood, it’s likely you’ll put the people around you in a bad mood too. You’ll draw the worst out of them. Similarly, if you are anxious you’ll generally make people uneasy. This is really obvious if you have kids. Children pick up on how you are feeling and respond in kind.
The baffling bit …. In quantum physics, all things can be broken down / described as energy, that is,  particles or waves vibrating at specific frequencies. The big moment in this area of research was when they discovered that the act of observing the behaviour of a specific energy changed how the energy behaved. This video shows this brilliantly
This is vital to understanding the role you play in determining how your life is for you.
The presence of your energy effects the energy around you.  And, your energetic state is deeply influenced by your personal history.
Mostly, this is happening subconsciously. So it’s the subconscious patterns i.e. – the ones you don’t know you have – that have to change.
At a quantum level the state of being anxious creates it’s own energetic frequency or pattern. Think of it as a sound wave or a buzz. This sound vibrates through the energy around you, changing it. And other people can be affected by this, some more than others.
What this should make you realise, is that if you take control over how you feel and think and behave, this changes the world around you.
What matters then, is how well you are managing yourself. Are you keeping yourself happy and relaxed? Or are you easily triggered into stress? The answer will often be reflected in how your life is.
Being aware of this is the first big step. The next is to learn how to regulate your emotions and remain peaceful. When you do this, you’ll create a better environment for you and for the people you meet and interact with.
So ask yourself; What is the energy you are currently creating in and around yourself? Do you want to change it so that you have more positive experiences?
This is step one. Beyond this it gets increasingly interesting and more fun!
This is the skill we teach in the law of attraction meditation course.

Energy treatments and Law of Attraction

This meditation process complements the treatment process really well. It allows you to work through a lot of ‘stuff” yourself with the added benefit of checking in with the group. When you set your intention to the 4 weeks you lay down a marker for change. It keeps your mind open and willing to move.

What are the benefits of the law of attraction meditation courses



Working through the law of attraction helps to clear old behaviours and bad habits that keep you stuck. It helps you to understand why you’re stuck… and how to change it.
It’s a guided process and as an individual you are helped to understand things by the group and by myself and Ruth. We’re a nice enough bunch so don’t worry, it’s good fun too!!
I find that it is especially effective for parents. People gain a new understanding about how to deal with family issues. Themes run through the group and everyone always learns new things. Insights abound.
Doing energy work with a group really enhances your intention, as many of those who have experienced it will know. (Myself included). However it is not ‘group therapy’ – its a meditation based process. I’ve witnessed people make massive changes over the 4 weeks.
Class size is about 10 or 12.
If you would like to join us please send me an email and let me know.  🚂
All the best,
Tony & Ruth – Carrigaline Wellness Centre


My God, the difference in my life after doing this work with Tony and Ruth is astronomical! I was fighting with my kids all the time, my home life was a nightmare that I was ashamed of.  I was tired, work was a drag and I was sick of everything. I still find it hard to believe that things are so much better. Sometimes I wake up and have to remind myself that it’s ok, it’s real, things have actually changed. I love my kids and I always have but now things are the way I wanted them to be. It’s not the Brady bunch but it’s peaceful, most of the time. I catch myself in awe at the calmness around me. I cannot thank you guys enough. 
The meditation classes that Tony and Ruth run are amazing, life changing. I would highly recommend them. Tony is so intuitive and is fantastic at what he does. I have recommended him to so many. I feel very fortunate to have this centre in Carrigaline. 
I attended a fabulous meditation course here. Tony and his lovely wife are such a power couple when it comes to all your meditative needs! The facility itself is stunning, calming and the atmosphere is very nurturing. Would highly recommend.
Carrigaline wellness center is great, the place is so relaxing and you feel comfortable and at ease straight away. I would highly recommend the meditation circle I benefited a lot from it and sessions with Tony. So many treatments to choose from. Amazing work done thanks Tony and Ruth 
A really beautiful space, so relaxing and welcoming. I did meditation there and would highly recommend everyone to give it a go. It changed my way of thinking. Tony and Ruth are so welcoming and really make people feel at ease. Looking forward to the next meditation circle. 
Fantastic centre best meditation Classes, Tony and Ruth are so professional, honest and caring. Highly recommend this centre to anyone looking to self improve and work on self care more, these guys teach this best.
Five stars all the way.👍❤
Guided Meditation evenings were life changing – for the good. Great team of healers. 
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