If you are interested in meditation classes in Cork,  Ruth and Tony offer the following;

Our range of Meditation Classes in Cork.


Beginners Meditation

Ruth and I regularly run a beginners meditation class. Usually this takes the form of 4 or 6, one hour classes, spread over as many weeks. It’s designed to help with stress. So we describe it as a ‘busy’ class.

We keep you busy, your mind is occupied doing activities that relax your body. We use breathing techniques, body scans and visualisations. You can make a practice of this yourself and it’s a great way to get into meditation. If you are interested in a beginners meditation class in cork, this is a great place to start.

Contact either of us if you are interested.

Law of Attraction Meditation

Last year (2019) myself and Ruth did a lot of ‘Law of Attraction’ meditation work. We ran a regular Thursday night class.
Working on myself in this way has become a very important part of my life. It has helped me to knit together all the pieces of development work I had been doing in the past.
Looking back over 2019 I made huge changes because of what it brought up for me.  After every cycle I’ve grown and improved. The thing I’m most happy about is that my family life is better. I’m happier around my kids and they are way, way happier because of it.
And the reason for that is that I’m being better to myself.
Many of the old beliefs and thoughts I have had about myself have changed or completely gone. It’s a huge relief and I feel lucky to have found this.
Now, the law of attraction meditation work is the cornerstone of all the work we do. The Yoga,  Reiki, Qigong, Kinesiology and Meditation all have this at the centre.

Tony & Ruth’s Wellness Workshops

A full day committed to your happiness!… Imagine!!
In these workshops the emphasis is all about improving the connection you have with yourself. By being kind and gentle with yourself you can change the internal dialogue that makes you stressed, anxious, overthink, overwork, and get overwhelmed.
So we begin the workshop with this meditation. Then to help us to relax and feel warm we move into Yoga. Ruth guides this gentle Yoga class. It’s very very slow. It’s very easy. The postures are held for a while. There’s no rush. It’s meditative, we’re being gentle here.
After this, when we are deeply calm we do some ‘sleep’ meditation. Very often we’ll all drift off for a bit. Now we have really unwound.

Energy Balances

If people wish, Ruth and I can do a gentle energy ‘check’ and balance for you. Some Reiki or Kineisolgy can be done where needed to help you relax or release a block.
The Qigong work is taught be me in the afternoon and this is used to help to boost your energy. We go through a range of gentle standing poses and movements.
The whole day is designed to wind down your stress and build up your good energy.  You should feel back to yourself, invigorated and ready to tear into the world again!!
So that’s the gist of it. If you have any queries about the workshop I’d be happy to answer them. Email me and I’ll get back to you.
I wish you the very best for 2020.
Tony Galvin


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