A Wonderful Opportunity to Experience our Range of Wellness Services!

We are open for the entire day with classes and talks to suit everyone.

All proceeds to  Cork Penny Dinners


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Timetable & Details

9.00-10.00 Meditation class w. Tony

This is open to all. Whether you’re completely new to meditation or experienced, this is an easy class to refresh and clear your mind. A great way to start your Saturday.Info on Tony here

Contact Tony 0877876361     if you’d like to know more


10.30-11.30 Group Reiki w.Chelley

If you have never experienced a Reiki treatment then this is a wonderful introduction. It’ll be a small group in a lovely intimate setting. Info on Chelley

Contact Chelley here 0879844253     More info on Chelley here 


11.00-12.00 Anxiety & Counselling (Talk) Toufik (Counsellor)

Toufik is a gentleman! If you are interested in understanding adult anxiety and you would like more information about what it is, and perhaps more importantly, what you can do to help yourself, or someone else with it, this is a great place to begin. Q & A at the end of the talk allows you to ask whatever you like about the subject. You can contact Toufik on 0876405313, or tmessabih@gmail.com      Info on Toufik here      


12.00-1.00 Child Behaviour Issues and How to help (Talk)   Tony

Tony (Info on Tony here) has worked with hundreds of kids with emotional and behavioural issues including Anxiety, Shyness, Anger issues, Separation issues, Nervous habits, Concentration problems, ADHD, Dyslexia. He’ll discuss what kinesiology is and how it helps the issues above and will answer any questions you have in a Q&A for 30 – 40 minutes at the end. For more info on Tony’s work click here http://www.tonygalvin.com/blog/

Contact Tony on 0877876361 to book a seat.              €10


12.30-1.45 Yoga & Acupuncture  Ruth & Hayley

This is a real treat. Great intro. to beginner’s gentle yoga, calm and relaxing, followed by lovely soothing acupuncture with Hayley. Info on Ruth and Hayley here        You’ll melt!!

1.45-2.45 Tea Party  Hayley

Open to all, no booking needed, just call in!!

Not only is Hayley an incredibly intuitive and brilliant acupuncturist, she also has her own range of amazing herbal teas!!  Each tea is created with a specific outcome in mind, whether its to help you to ground yourself, balance out some stress, or give you a pep.  Come and enjoy the teas in great company! It’ll be great fun. For more details about Hayley’s teas check out her site here http://hayleypower./            €2 per cup of tea


2.00-3.00 Nutrition (Talk)  Aisling

The first thing you’ll notice about Aisling is her abundant energy and enthusiasm. Where does she get her energy from, you might ask??? From her food she’ll say!!  If you are interested in learning how to eat really well for healthy energy, great skin, lower inflammation (and weight), gut issues, and a whole range of problems – this is the talk to go to!  Contact Aisling on 0860624679       Info on Aisling here    


2.00-3.15 Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture   Ruth & Hayley          

Wind yourself way down in the afternoon with this deeply relaxing and calming session. Gentle Yoga followed by a wee bit of Reiki with Ruth, topped off with some lovely relaxing acupuncture with Hayley.  You’ll be horizontal! Contact Ruth on 0868948855 or Hayley 086883329 Info on Ruth  & Hayley    


3.30-4.30  Homeopathy (Talk),    Vera               

Vera is a marvel. She has been working as a homeopath for over 15 years, based around the Carrigaline area.  Info on Vera Hameau here. In this talk she’ll discuss the most commonly used remedies in homeopathy in her practice and in the home. If you know nothing about homeopathy or if you know a bit and would like to know more, this is a great introductory talk. It’s especially useful for parents – to help you to understand which remedies you can use yourself at home with the family. Contact Vera on 0872846286 to book a seat.  More info on Vera here https://theompath.com/contact-vera/    €10


3.30-4.50 Yoga & Reiki, Chelley                            

A perfect way to ease down from a busy afternoon. This class has become a hallmark of Chelley’s practice in our centre. People rave about it!! It’ll be a small intimate class of 6. You’ll experience a lovely calming Yoga class followed by the deeply relaxing effects of Reiki. What a treat!! Contact Chelley on 0879844253 Info on Chelley here


4.30-5.00 Closing Tea Ceremony (a bit of fun), The team at the Centre

Come and join us  at the end of the day to toast all the hard work!!! And to wish the Charity well! No need to book, just come along. They’s a minimum charge of Hayley’s amazing tea and all proceeds go the Cork Penny Dinners!        €2 per cup of tea


If you have any questions about any of the classes or talks above please contact Tony at 0877876361 or Ruth 0868948855 , or ideally contact the facilitator at their number.

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