racheal omahony

To book an appointment please text or call Rachael on 085 8503995

I’m Rachael from the UK living my best life here in Cork.

Over the past 20yrs, I’ve been developing my own healing abilities and now have the privilege to be able to offer this healing energy to you through Silent Counselling and IET.

I offer you this space to freely allow yourself to open up so you can heal yourself. You hold the key to setting yourself free.

Silent Counselling is an alternative therapy. It is a simple and effective non-invasive procedure which address pain held within the body. Silent counselling addresses the root cause by forcing the negative emotion to come to the surface for you to release from the body without reliving the trauma. which I am just one of a handful of healers in Ireland who can offer this wonderful rapid energy release healing

IET is a beautiful natural effective angelic healing. Working with the Angeles to heal the whole body, mind & Sprit. IET can bring harmony balance so gently back into your life.

I look forward to working with you to bring harmony and serenity back into your life.